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Melissa is Ellicott City’s premier inclusive family and newborn photographer providing on-location photography sessions throughout central Maryland

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In-Home Newborn Photography Sessions

in Ellicott City, MD

Many Ellicott City parents are searching for options that allow them to stay home during the first few weeks with their new baby, so of course, in-home newborn photography is becoming a popular alternative to a traditional photography studio. Between juggling busy schedules, keeping baby’s health and safety a priority, and taking mom’s postpartum recovery into consideration, it is no surprise that so many parents are finding businesses that offer a full-service experience in the comfort of home.

Lifestyle photography is a popular style of in-home newborn photography, and a few photographers even offer to bring studio sessions to their clients homes to give parents a more safe and comfortable way to get those gorgeous posed newborn photos during their new baby’s first few weeks at home.

 My Signature Style of In-Home Newborn Photography

My clients love that in-home photo sessions give them the option to combine studio and lifestyle photography for the best of both worlds.

I spend the beginning of each Signature Newborn Photography Session taking adorable posed photos of the baby, some with props and some posed on gorgeous textured and colored backdrops. Parents often choose to spend this time getting themselves ready for family photos, caring for siblings, or maybe even getting a few things done around the house. Some just enjoy taking the time to relax while watching their sweet baby’s photo session! The family portion of the photo session can be done with as much posing and direction as each family is comfortable. Some choose to have pictures featuring their home as the backdrop, either in their living room, bedroom, or nursery. Other families prefer their photos to be posed in front of a backdrop or window. Sometimes we do a combination of all these options!

Custom photo sessions make every day a new adventure! I would love to learn more about your family and your vision for your photography session

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